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Abtesam Khan, (goes by Shaheen), is the owner and chef of the Mela Bangladeshi Cuisine restaurant located on the corner of Washington St and 2nd St at Moscow downton. 


Shaheen became an entreprenuer from a staying home mom with two kids.  Its a journey that came true with her creative passion with food. She is still actively cooking all the food from scratch with a team consisting of nine employees. 

Without her approval, no food is making its way out of the kitchen. 


Abtesam Khan (Shaheen)



Shaheen started cooking after becoming mom of twin boys who always liked her food. The boys inspired her to start a business of her own where she can just cook the way she has been cooking for them. And that is exactly what she has been doing with mela's cuisine. She would not serve anything to a customer if she can't think of serving it to her sons. ​

Mela is providing a great variety of  heart-healthy meal option for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian customers. In fact, the cover photo showing Chat salad does not have any added fat content. Similarly, in the Biryani recipe, mela is preparing everything from scratch including the spices.

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